About Me

Aliki is an artist and music teacher who lives in Athens. She accomplished her musical studies on the Piano, Counterpoint and Opera at the National Music Academy. She came across the Ancient Greek Lyre in 2004, while she was exploring the string instruments. Lyre doesn’t exist anymore and is a product that was created, after many years of research from a handful of brave luthiers. One of them is Nikolaos Bras, who created Aliki's Lyre.
Aliki studied ancient musical fragments, and she developed a personal way of playing. Techniques borrowed from the Harp, the Krar or the Kanun are woven into her style. She combines the Lyre with many different instruments such as the wooden flutes, the Sitar, the Lyre from the Black Sea, Cretan Lyre, Dub Music, etc.
Aliki summons the lyrical Sapphic spirit with her melodies, and she also takes inspiration from the Asia Minor, Byzantine music, Indian music, etc.
She performed with the group Ghi & Thalassa all around Greece (2007-2012). They also recorded along with the word awarded Byzantine singer Nektaria Karantzi, a CD with Xmas carols.
In 2013 she did the music for Acropolis Reconstruction documentary film and in 2014, along with Pan Kaperneka, the music for Emery Tales documentary film.
In 2013 she composed and recorded the album Awakening the Muse with the Lyre 'n' Rhapsody band. In 2014 the same band recorded the album Kirke, with compositions from all members of the group. In 2015 Lyre 'n' Rhapsody recorded the album Aegean, with world awarded, ancient Chinese music, musicians, Chang Jing and Chang Di. The album is released in China and Taiwan, and at I-Tunes, in July 2016. In August 2016 she toured in Shanghai with the Aegean team, performing the music of their album
She has also recorded the album The Chelys Songs with Vassiliki Papageorgiou, Deria Turcan-Kemence, Oguz Buyukberber- Bass Clarinet and Chrysostomos Boukalis- Double Bass, at Ada Studios in Istanbul, released in June 2017.
She also recorded a solo album, Shappho's Whisper based on Lyre techniques and voice, which was released in 2018.
In July 2016 with Zafiro Hatzifotiou, and Chrysostomos Boukalis they presented Leda and Swan, songs for lyre, double bass and voices at Ecole Francaise d' Athenes for the 9th Moisa International Conference. She continues her collaborations with many artists and has been the Prject Coordinator at 1002 Nyhtes musical stagein Athens since 2019.

Studies in Music

 1. Classical Harmony       Diploma/teacher Dimitris Kapsomenos (1990)
 2. Piano                       Diploma/teachers E. Kouvaritakis (1992), repertoire Efi Agrafioti(1994)
 3. Counterpoint                  Diploma/teacher Haris Xanthoudakis (1992)
 4. Gamelan Orchestra        Scholarship from STSI University, Bali Indonesia (1997)
 5. Opera                             Diploma/teacher Kostas Iliopoulos (2006)
 6. Byzantine Music           Byzantine Choir with Nektaria Karantzi (since 2018)
Seminars in Music: Electronic Music, Choir Teaching, Meditation Music, Introduction in Voicing Technique and more.

Other Studies University of Athens, 2 years on Pedagogies
Seminars on Psychology with Mona Konstantinidou, Ioanna Golfinopoulou and more