ADA Muzik, Album:Helis Ezgeleri-The Chelys Songs
Poetry by Sapho (7 C.B.C), Music by Aliki
The Chelys Songs were musically directed and produced by:
Aliki Markantonatou-Vassiliki Papageorgiou

The musicians:
Derya Türkan: kemenche (lyre of Istanbul)
Oğuz Büyükberber: bass clarinet
Chrysostomos Boukalis: contrabass
Stuart Dickson: bendir, udu, riq
Christos Sagient: percussion set
Yiannis Moutsakis: riq


Come to me from Crete, to this
holy shrine, graced by your apple grove
and altars fragrant
with smoking incense.

Cool water bubbles beneath the branches
of apple-trees, and roses shade the whole place;
from the shimmering leaves flows
the breath of sweet sleep.

There Cypris, take...
and into golden cups gently pour
libation of nectar, mixed
for our celebration.

Translation by A.D. Maingan